RITA 2 (2017-2018)

 In Agriculture/Agroforestry

In continuation of the project RITA 1 (2013-2015) – GUYAFER: Participatory enhancement in the FERtility of French GUYAnese soils. Towards a durable agriculture with a high organic output.

The Launching of RITA 2 in 2017-2018.
The Gathering

Objective: To promote durable, organic agriculture, integrated in step with ecological transition and responding to the local and global issues of durable development.

  • Respond to the needs of farmers
  • The design and evaluation of innovative cropping systems
  • Improvement of soil fertility through adapted practices
  • Transfer of agro-ecological practices to agricultural professionals

Phase 1- Acquisition of data through experimentation
Phase 2- Transfer of results

Collaboration with :
– other project promoters
– research organizations
– professional agricultural organizations
– the Chamber of Agriculture

A collaborative framework based on a participatory approach in co-design, in which the farmer collaborates actively in the design of experimentations.

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atelier compost GoPei le 26 mars, formation en salle + atelier participatif chez un agriculteur