Agro-Ecological Expertise

Determining the agronomic potential of plots.

Recommending appropriate methods to maintain or restore soil quality.



At the preliminary stage

Before cultivation, we provide consultation on the optimisation of the layout of your plots and guidelines to maintain the quality of your soil over time.


During the production phase

We assess the agronomic potential of your soils and provide advice on restoring their quality.


Effective on a small or large scale

This is done through fieldwork, laboratory work and the use of cartographic tools (GIS).

The analysis of all this data, allow us to define appropiate guidelines adapted to each particular field sitation.



To assess soil structure


To determine the nutrients stored in the soil


To measure microbial biomass and diversity and their ability to mineralise nutrients

To identify

Arable land without particular constraints

The main types of agricultural crops adapted to the land

Areas of ecological interest to be preserved

Land that cannot be cultivated but can potentially be used for soilless farming

The agronomic quality of the land

Key tools

for transitioning into agroecological practices