Specialised soil microbiology agrotechnology

Our services and products are inspired by the principles of biomimicry 

Our objective is to support our clients and partners in adopting practices that reduce environmental impact.

Our know-how is based on knowledge of the biological functioning of soils and interactions between micro-organisms, plants, and their environment. 

Research & Innovation certified by research centres

Scientific collaborations

Natural solutions for the environment

Thanks to bio-inspired methods, our agri-tech responds to the problems of land degradation and eco-efficient production by applying natural plant bio-stimulation solutions 

Contribute to climate change mitigation

Improve the resistance and resilience of crops

Restore the functional quality of soils

Reduce your carbon footprint

My career has always been guided by my conviction that the preservation of our environment is of the utmost importance, both for biodiversity and for the well-being of humanity.

I chose to create SOLICAZ in 2009 in order to actively contribute to the development of innovative solutions to support economic actors towards sustainable production systems.

Elodie Brunstein

Founder and CEO Solicaz 

A team committed to agroecology



An approach based on the principles of biomimicry

A high level of knowledge in plant microbiology

Processes that promote the introduction of regenerative agriculture

Solutions adapted to all types of climate

More than 10 years of expertise

Customised solutions

Local technical support

Scientifically validated results

Reduce the carbon footprint

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