REAGI Workshop: “The usage of coal in agriculture” (Oct 27, 2015)

REAGI Workshop: “The usage of coal in agriculture” (Oct 27, 2015)

On October 27th, 2015, Solicaz participed in the second RÉAGI workshop conducted, titled, “The Usage of Coal in Agriculture,” in Macouria. The workshop was organized by X. Desbois and A. Sambin.

Charbon agricole 2

Charcoal is obtained after the carbonization of wood in order to recover the coal and minerals contained by the wood. In agriculture, this charcoal is a fertilizer that allows for the amelioration of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil at the level of capacity for the retention of water, nutrition-enhancing soil elements and the development of micro-organisms responsible for the mineralization of the organic material.

When we associate charcoal with diverse organic elements like crops, ash, animal dung, fish bones, etc., we obtain a very rich and fertile earth called terra preta. From its composition, this land (of pre-Columbian origin) is highly concentrated in organic matter and nutrients. The micro-organic activity is also highly developed, hence its exceptional long-term capacity for fertility.

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After presenting the various agronomic qualities of carbon and the history of terra preta in the Amazon, X.DESBOIS presented the results from tests conducted with carbon – results that Solicaz could only support given its own research. Under the RITA-GUYAFER (The Improvement of Soil Fertility in French Guiana) project, Solicaz demonstrated that the use of carbon improves soil quality by at least 44% and allows for the improvement of soil culture.

Once the workshop was completed, the guests visited the Botanical Garden of Macouria where they were able to benefit from an educational tour by A.SAMBIN of this vast space with its rich floral biodiversity. Sambin also educated guests on the technique of making terra preta, and the results on plant growth and soil quality that had been obtained in just a few years.

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