Kering Biodiversity Program

Monitoring the return of biodiversity on reforested mining sites in French Guiana.

The objective of this program is to monitor the evolution of biodiversity on mining sites that have undergone revegetation, as well as the recolonization of the environment by observing “bioindicator” species. This program takes place on newly reforested sites from the 100% reforestation programs for alluvial mining sites, supported by Kering

This gradual return of the forest cycle has reconstructed an ecological continuity conducive to the resurgence of biodiversity. We have identified a list of key families whose presence, diversity, and abundance serve as indicators of the creation and evolution of new habitats. These families and species act as markers of the “health” of the environments. For each proposed taxon, an inventory and monitoring protocol is defined, based on standardized scientific protocols and adapted to the specific context of the program, taking into account factors such as timing, geographic dimensions, budget constraints, and human resources.

The reforestation of these sites creates an ecological continuity favorable to the movement of large animals such as tapirs, armadillos, jaguars, peccaries, etc.The wildlife movement serves as a fundamental indicator of environmental quality. Modern technology enables the monitoring of this wildlife without causing disturbance: automatic-triggered camera traps allow for tracking populations and understanding animal behaviors.

Here is a compilation of images captured by our camera traps during the latest session in June 2023: