Ecological Restoration

Solicaz, expertise and consulting services

Ecological restoration of degraded terrestrial environments.

Our Approach

Ecological engineering based on the principles of biomimicry.

Soil restoration through the use of service plants and organic fertility management techniques in order to restore ecosystem cycles. 

Our services

Field expertise

Development of a restoration plan adapted to the context and the objectives sought

Assistance with implementation

Monitoring and control of the reconstitution of the forest system

More than 10 years

Of experience in post-mining ecological restoration!


We select local plant species including pioneer nitrogen-fixing species that have the capacity to naturally regenerate soils through bacteria and fungi symbiosis.

Biostimulation solutions for nursery plants. This controlled inoculation activates the symbiotic process that enables plants to fix nitrogen and grow on almost sterile soil.

We are commited

To Biodiversity restoration

Our partners