Restoring degraded sites - Revegetation




In response to deforestation and loss of soil fertility, Solicaz proposes revegetation to restore the global biodiversity of degraded areas. It is his focus on soil restoration that makes his approach innovative.

The revegetation process starts with a large study of the area of interest in order to offer adapted solutions (spatial profile, characterization of the physical-chemical and biological properties of the soil, evaluation of the slopes, hydromorphy, etc.).

The results of the expertise enable Solicaz to establish a reforestation protocol.

In order to rebuild a forest system and make the soil fertile again, Solicaz then selects nitrogen-fixing plants produced in its nursery and adapted to local conditions.

These plants will regenerate the soil and restore biodiversity.

Expertise of exploited site

  • Analyses, results interpretation and diagnosis
  • Solution: production and plantation of plants that regenerate soil fertility
  • Monitoring of the recovery of the forest system
  • Results feedback

Solicaz/SMSE – Projet Guyafix 2015


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