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Solicaz is an ecological engineering consulting firm that solves the problems of ecosystem degradation through bio-inspired approaches.

Its processes are adaptable throughout the world under all types of climate.

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Diagnosing the life of soil

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“The preservation of life in soil is what maintains biodiversity.”

Through its innovative methods of expertise, Solicaz is a leader in the diagnosis of soil biological functioning

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Plants that regenerate and restore biodiversity

The most efficient way to restore biodiversity is the use of nitrogen-fixing plants or “service plants», that regenerate and restore the quality of soils.

Efficient nitrogen-fixing plants are the result of a specific interaction (a symbiosis) between particular nitrogen-fixing bacteria, a fungus (mycorrhiza) that enhances nitrogen fixation, and a host plant.

It is the control of this process that allows the nitrogen-fixing plants to progressively restore the biodiversity of the soil, flora and fauna.

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Solicaz analyzes the capacity of soil micro-organismsto make available the mineral elements that plants need.

Soil microorganisms are involved in many transformations of the organic matter that have a direct impact on nutrients availability, thus contributing to the proper biological functioning of soils and to ecosystem productivity.


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