Agronomic cartography

For any type of services, Solicaz uses cartographic data tool.

Agro-ecology cartography

Notably, Solicaz has also created and developed a unique cartographic tool that evaluates soil quality for the purpose of selecting and establishing agricultural land.

This GIS tool has been designed to gather, stock, process, analyze and manage spatial and geographical information. It generates its result through the analyses and interpretation of topographical data and the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil samples.

Those results allow identifying the agronomic potential of the soils:

  • Cultivable lands.
  • Suitable agriculture such as gardening, arboriculture, orchard, pastures.
  • Non-cultivable land but potentially workable on off-ground cultivation method or hydromorphic areas.
  • Suitable to mechanization areas.
  • Eco-environmental zones to be potentially protect.
  • This approach through cartography can be applied on a small scale (a few acres), but works just as well on a large scale (a territory).
  • Field expertise

    Records for soil agronomic potential analysis

  • GIS cartography

    Decision support tool that takes into account all the soil characteristics for the agricultural zoning

  • Advice

    Advice on the type of agriculture to install depending on the farmer's project


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