Applied research

Solicaz is a EU certified Private Research Institute.

Solicaz puts its scientific competencies at the service of its customers in order to bring solutions to the soil recovery technical challenges. It concerns the fields of agriculture and agroforestry, biomass energy production and soils use change.

On behalf of its 30 cumulated years of research and experience worldwide, Solicaz can offer a cutting-edge eco-technology ahead of its competitors.

“We made the strategic choice to emphasis on quality, offering natural methods and bio-inspired processes which are totally compatible with the eco-systems.”

Research field examples:

  • Quarries and mines revegetation.
  • Study of low-impact techniques for forest exploitation.
  • Implementation of pastures with a high nutritional value for breeding.
  • Set up agroforestry systems of energy canes production.
  • Reforestation of degraded areas.
  • Plants multiplication processes.
  • Creation of forest corridors to limit the spread of savanna fire at the Kourou Space Center.

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