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ARAG (2016/today)

The Rural Agricultural Association of French Guiana (ARAG) was founded in 2010 by a group of farmers and people committed to the promotion of the French Guianese heritage and to production. Through reasoned agricultural practices of plants whose heritage stems from the Amazon basin, ARAG also strives to conserve and enhance archaeological and rock heritage […]

Matiti High School (2015/today)

We work in collaboration with teachers and students from Matiti Agricultural High School to organize annual professional simulations and trainings. We also regularly take student-apprentices.

Rugby (2018)

Solicaz is committed to the development of the Womens’ Rugby in French Guiana and the sponsoring of the Women’s “Rugby Club du Tigre”.

SURIMEP (November 1-3, 2017)

“More than 350 delegates, 25 sponsors and 45 exhibitors participated in the first convocation of SURIMEP (in 2014).” We are delighted to announce the dates for the 2nd edition of SURIMEP 2017, which will be held from November 1st to 3rd 2017. The event is organised by AME Trade Ltd. SURIMEP 2017 will take place […]

SIM (October 18-20, 2017)

The congress-exhibition of the SIM in Metz attracted an audience that was curious about the exhibition stands and attending the workshops. Un premier bilan montre que cette édition a rassemblé pas loin de 4 500 personnes sur deux jours et demi. Ce chiffre englobe toutes les catégories parmi lesquelles figurent 2 050 visiteurs de l’exposition, […]

RITA 2 (2017-2018)

In continuation of the project RITA 1 (2013-2015) – GUYAFER: Participatory enhancement in the FERtility of French GUYAnese soils. Towards a durable agriculture with a high organic output. The Launching of RITA 2 in 2017-2018. The Gathering Objective: To promote durable, organic agriculture, integrated in step with ecological transition and responding to the local and […]

Guyane Gold Mine 2017

In the heart of the Amazon forest, situated on the Korossibo creek and tributary of the Mana river, Guyane Gold Mine has begun the revegetation of its sites after mining. Only accessed by helicopter, SOLICAZ established a nursery directly on site. Over 25,000 trees or 60 Hectares are presently being replanted since the assemblage of […]


Upon its own volition, NOFRAYANE decided to invest in the research of methods for the reduction of environmental impacts. To this effect, SOLICAZ was appointed to directe the project, BIOZA (Restoration of the BIOdiversity of Anthropised Zones in French Guiana). Launched in 2017, the goal of the project was to provide solutions for the restoration […]

REAGI workshop: “green fertilizers and cover crops” (10-9-15)

On the 9th of October 2015, at Matiti Agricultural High School, REAGI (The Trade Network in Intertropical Agro-Ecology) proposed a workshop on green manures and cover crops which brought together roughly twenty people from the agricultural world. The subject was developed by L. DEMADE-PELLORCE from the InGaGen consultancy firm. InGaGen promoted the implementation of practices […]

National strategy for biodiversity 2011-2020, GUYAFIX project 2012-2015

Establishment of a production of nitrogen-fixing plants endemic to French Guiana for the restoration of degraded sites, carried out by Solicaz. Appointment by the MEDDTL, as part of the National Strategy for Biodiversity 2011-2020. Funded by: DEAL and the Regional Council of Guyana Partners: PTMG, SMSE Mining Operator, Macouria EPLEFPA Farm, Guyane Consult, UMR Ecofog, […]

The RITA-GUYAFER Program 2013-2015

Project funded by: CIOM, EAFRD and The Regional Council of French Guiana (Le conseil Régional de la Guyane) Partners: CIRAD, Solicaz The GUYAFER program was created under the RITA French Guiana framework. It aims to promote and support the transition to organic farming (biological or not) to ensure the sustainability of soil resources and systems […]


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